Weaving is the core of our company. In 1985, we started with only 20 Sulzer weaving machines but the overwhelming response directed us to increase our installed capacity to 375 looms, with 60 Airjets adding to our strength. For Dobby weaves, we have 18 Rapier looms. Currently we are exporting to United Kingdom, Spain, Bangladesh, U.S.A, France, Turkey and Denmark. Our highest export fabrics’ figure is nearly 80 million meters of fabric.

For the past 7 years, we are honored to be amongst the 25 leading exporters of greige and finished fabrics from Pakistan. Wehave an independent stitching unit which converts approximately 1.5 million meters of fabric per month,

Processing: We use the facilities of some of the best processing mills in Pakistan, based on our annual export volumes of fabrics and finished goods we buy dedicated slots in their production schedules for the entire year. We have a team of processing experts who are present at these factories on a permanent basis. All finished fabrics are duly tested at the in-house