Dalal Industries Pvt Ltd and textile trade go hand in hand. We have been in cotton trading since the 1950’s through Karachi Cotton Exchange. Since the 1960’s, senior members of Dalal Industries have been active with manufa- cturing and trade of fabraic. Sulzer weaving machines were first introduced and operated by Dalal Industries in Pakistan. We have imported around 10,000 Sulzer looms in Pakistan until now.

Dalal Industries was formed in 1994. Since then we have gone from strength to strength, first by servicing the export-based market of Pakistan to finally entering the export arena itself to carve out a market niche for ourselves. Since 2005, we have gone into the export of finished goods, with Institutional products being our forte. At present, Dalal Industries has become a specialized factory in Pakistan of white textiles for hotels and health-care, cateringto the North American and European markets, boasting a 20% annual growth in our export volumes