"Explore Elegance: Unveiling the Artistry of Textiles"

“Indulge in the timeless allure of fabrics that tell stories. Immerse yourself in a tapestry of textures and hues, where every thread weaves a tale of craftsmanship and style. Welcome to Dalal Industries Pvt Ltd, where passion meets precision in the world of textiles. Elevate your wardrobe with our exquisite collection – a celebration of quality, comfort, and fashion-forward design.”


Dalal Industries is a family owned and run business . And have been involved in textile business since 1950s.
The group have been active in manufacturing and trade of greigh fabric and import of Sulzer machines, and over the last few decades have imported more than 10,000 Sulzer looms in Pakistan.

The export arm of the business was formed in 1994. We initially worked with the local exporters meeting their Fabric requirements and eventually transformed ourselves to servicing our global clientele.

We are considered one of the top suppliers in Pakistan for Retail Home Textiles, our products are displayed on stores and outlets across Europe and America representing numerous reputable Brands/Clients. Working in Partnership with global importers, Our Home textile products are of exceptional quality that consumer’s desire. Our in-house design and product development team make sure that our retail business grows double digit year on year.

While garnering our reputation as one of the best producers of home textile products for retail, we have already gained an edge over institutional textiles, our sheeting goes to numerous top tier hotel chains across the globe.

Our Philosophy

  • Honoring our commitments we make while ensuring we deliver the right product at the required time.
  • Sharing market information with our customers so that they make informed decisions.
  • Providing seamless customer service and building long term relationships through open communication.
  • Sharing market information with our customers so that they make informed decisions.
  • To projects our country’s true image as a moderate and hardworking nation. 


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