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“Wrap yourself in luxury with our curated collection of exquisite textiles. Discover a world of timeless elegance and unparalleled craftsmanship. Elevate your style with fabrics that speak volumes. Welcome to a textile experience like no other.”

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About Us

Dalal Industries is a family owned and run business . And have been involved in textile business since 1950s. The group have been active in manufacturing and trade of greigh fabric and import of Sulzer machines, and over the last few decades have imported more than 10,000 Sulzer looms in Pakistan.

The export arm of the business was formed in 1994. We initially worked with the local exporters meeting their Fabric requirements and eventually transformed ourselves to servicing our global clientele.

We are considered one of the top suppliers in Pakistan for Retail Home Textiles, our products are displayed on stores and outlets across Europe and America representing numerous reputable Brands/Clients. Working in Partnership with global importers, Our Home textile products are of exceptional quality that consumer’s desire. Our in-house design and product development team make sure that our retail business grows double digit year on year.

While garnering our reputation as one of the best producers of home textile products for retail, we have already gained an edge over institutional textiles, our sheeting goes to numerous top tier hotel chains across the globe.

Weaving & Stitching

In the delicate dance of threads, weaving and stitching come together to form a tapestry of artistry. Each meticulous stitch, a testament to patience and precision, intertwines with the rhythmic dance of the loom. Through the hands of skilled artisans, fibers of creativity converge, creating a textile masterpiece.

Institutional & Printed

Our institutional linens redefine the standard, blending durability with a touch of opulence. Crafted from premium materials, they stand as a symbol of reliability and elegance, meeting the demands of the most discerning environments. Elevate your institutional space with linens that embody both functionality and style, creating an atmosphere of refined comfort.

Knits Bedding

Indulge in the comforting embrace of our knit blankets and throws. The gentle, rhythmic patterns offer a tactile experience that goes beyond the visual, creating a cozy cocoon for relaxation. Whether draped over your bed or wrapped around you, our knits add a layer of comfort that's both functional and chic.

Apparels & Garments

Step into a world where fashion meets functionality with our curated collection of apparel and garments. Each piece is a symphony of style and comfort, designed to seamlessly blend into your lifestyle.


To be the leaders in the textile industry whilst providing a socially responsible commitment to the environment we invest in.

Core Values

  • Legacy, Leadership
  • Unity, Uniqueness, Upholding standards
  • Understandings


Provide superior quality and assurance to all our customers and stakeholders by employing techniques that serve both our internal and external environment with respect and integrity.


Dalal has a vision of becoming a environmentally friendly and socially responsible. In its efforts towards sustaining the environment for the generations to come.

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